KOLOR 3D Scanner is hand-hold photographic-type 3D color portraitscanner based on a stereo vision system. During the scanning, the scannerilluminates the scene with an infrared light speckle pattern generated from aset of diffraction gratings. The reflected speckle pattern is captured by the depthcamera and is cross-correlated with a reference image. The depth of a point inobject space is determined by triangulation from the corresponding disparitybetween conjugate points. The sequential point cloud datafor each frame can be matched and combinedautomatically by fuzzy patternrecognition matching algorithm. And then, the color point cloud of 3D objectscan be constructed.

Hardware parameters:
Working Temperature:10-40 ℃
Data Acquistion:USB 2.0
Working Range:400-1200 mm
Field of View (Horizontal, Vertical, Diagonal):57.5, 45, 69 ((H,V,D) [deg]
Depth Image Resolution:640 x 480 (VGA) [pixel x pixel]
Spatial x/y Accuracy (2-Sigma Values) @500mm:0.9 mm @1200mm:2 mm
Depth Accuracy (2 Sigma Value) @500mm:1mm @1200mm:5mm
VGA Depth Image:640 x 480 (VGA) [pixel x pixel]
Maximal Frame Rate:60 FPS/Second
Color Image CMOS:@ 30 FPS 640 x 480 (VGA)
Data Format:16 bit
Power Supply:USB 2.0
Maximal Power Consumption:2.25 [Watt]

Product Features:
1. Superanti-interference capability and easily fitting black hair and reflectivesurface
2. Automaticmarkless combination and registration algorithm
3. High-speed scanning
4. Largescanning range (from several cm cubic to tens of cubic meters target objects)
5. Possible to scan moving objects
6. 24-bit full-color sanning
7. Handhold
8. Using interpolationalgorithm based on curvatures to obtain high scan accuracy
9. Programmable Interface for hardware andsensors (used for further application)
10. Support for turntable or camera railsystems
11. Permanent free upgrades for software


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